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I'm James

Your Personal Life Coach

Passionate problem solver, life enthusiast and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you feel heard, understood, grounded and ready to discover the empowering hero within you!


My unique skill is locating your strengths, building up your courage, helping you to understand the traps that may be around you and leading you toward the courage of your inner hero... The one that's yelling, "Let me out, I want to help!". Because when you can unlock that hero, you can accomplish anything, and I sincerely mean that. Whether it's becoming a braver person, improving your perspective on life, or being a more loving partner... Our hero can always show us the way.

I care deeply about growth and contributing to others, and I do that through life coaching. I care about connection, empowerment and warmth; I don't coach with muscle, I coach with heart. I love being able to help others discover the power that exists within them and then watching them run with it!

Together, we can dive in, share, learn, grow, stumble, fall, laugh and get back up.. And in the end we will always succeed.. But most importantly I want to prove to you that you do have a hero within you. Because you sure has hell have!

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Life can be full of failure and bad mistakes, And heroes fail still.. but they also stand back up with heart knowing failure never will.

Sunset Walk

Why have a coach?

Imagine a see-saw... Stay with me.


You may have areas in your life that you feel successful and fulfilled in. But like the other half of that see-saw, I bet you could tell me about some other areas that get thrown up in the air from time to time that you have absolutely no idea what to do about, right? 

So how do we correct the balance if we don't know what to do about it? Friends you can talk to, and friends can help. But they don't have the skillset or the specific knowledge to help get you from A to B and on to C. Family can also help, but sometimes we can fear their judgement. Because when you're struggling to understand why your career's taking off but you can't find a partner, or why you have all the money in the world, but you can't find fulfilment, or why you get emotionally triggered by one thing and not another... You're on that see-saw; you've got one end down on the ground and the other hanging up in the air and that is when you need a life coach.


I see what you don't see and I have the professional integrity to recognize and alert you to areas that might be destructive toward your happiness. It's my duty to not only tell you what you're doing that you don't see, but to help you understand why a problem may exist, and how to overcome it and get you to the other side of it successfully.

What could I coach You with?

Almost anything. There is no subject off books. Anything that you can't seem to work out on your own, you bring to me. It could be a problem, a goal you're working toward, trying to understand what your purpose is, dating life or relationships. Anything. The framework I am trained within prepares me to work with a tremendously large scale of subjects, challenges and goals that a normal functioning human being experiences in their lifetime.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a trained psychologist, counsellor or therapist and I am not qualified in those fields. As a life coach I don't look into the past or dig into the origins of a deeply traumatic event. That's not my area of expertise. It's sometimes the case that I'll recommend a client to also see a therapist if the subject they bring in requires a specialist. This does not mean I cannot work with you; it just means there are certain areas that require a specialists attention as it is outside my field of study.

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