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Your Temple

The foundations of

"Rome wasn't built in a day.

but they were laying

bricks every hour"

John Haywood

Every human being has their own belief system; the deeper level thoughts that guide us through our daily lives and interactions. It's our moral compass, our perspective on life, our unique, individual road code.. It's how we differentiate right from wrong, good from bad, fair from unfair. This belief system guides us every single second of every day.. But how did we build that belief system?

As soon as we are born we begin to create plans for who we are. We begin to have thoughts that we think repeatedly, and when held for long enough, they eventually drop in and become a belief that makes up a foundation of you, or what I call the temple of you.


This temple is a sacred and holy place that holds all of our rules, beliefs, principles and values. This collection substitutes for the concrete, marble and pillars that our temple is made of and built up from. Strong, powerful, loving thoughts build a strong, powerful, loving Temple.. Whereas weak, angry, fearful thoughts build.. Well, you can guess..


We create this unique, individual structure across our entire life, starting from the idea, then to the blueprint, laying the foundations and then to actually building the place. Naturallly, ideas for our temple are given to us as soon as we enter life, from the people & environment that surround us, starting with those who raised us..

Think of what you temple looked like as a kid, as it was helped shaped by your family, where you lived, the ideas you were taught a child.. Perhaps that temple resembled more of a playground back then..

The Foundatons

Then how it changed during your teens at high school, as you began to explore ideas around what it was to be a teenager, what was cool and un-cool, how you wanted to appear to others.. It might of resembled more of a unorganised mess of teenage ideas, or perhaps a mansion that no one else that was "cool enough" could enter..?

To what it looked like after high school as we began tertiary education or a job, when we begin to lay serious foundations for who it is we think we are. The shape of our foundations that we lay along with the Temple we are building, are always morphing and shifting as our belief system and our identity shifts and morphs with new ideas, landscapes and the people we surround ourselves with.

But some humans barely build a temple, it can be barely called a building, or perhaps even worse.. A prison. Some build temple's so tall they topple, some with no fires to keep visitors warm. Some that are simply cold, hard and intimidating.


But there are a select few Temples, built by those who have learned the way of the Hero, that are warm, welcoming and made of such unique materials. With architecture that has been carefully thought about and considered that really gives you a sense that the Gods who are worshipped in this temple really love their builder.

These are the personalities that people love most!


..Temples for thought


What are the foundations 
of Your Temple?

What ideas, values & belief systems hold up the house of you?
Are they your ideas or someone else's?

Do you like the temple you are building?
Is it warm and inviting?

Do you feel comfortable within your temple?
Or does it not really resemble who you truly are?

Is this a temple built from the heart?
.. Or from somebody else's expectations of you?

Together, we can take a step back and look at what is bringing happiness into your life and what is not. By bringing awareness and perspective, we can actually identify what ideas and beliefs we have that are limiting our ability to experience happiness on a day to day basis. And the great news is, we can build a more aware, more conscious, more deliberate system. And we can do it together! 



So, what does the temple of you look like?

If you could stand and see the Temple you were building.. Would you be proud? Would you stand in awe? ..Or would you be a little worried?

Let's build the temple you deserve.

Drop me a message below!

Talk soon!

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