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James N. Gordon

..And so you have arrived

A hero is a man or woman who seeks to answer their challenges in life; to overcome the obstacles, to face their fears, and take action toward resolving them. These heroes have mentors that coach them. That help them understand who they are deep inside, why they have the difficulties they're facing, and how they can overcome them. So they can move forward in life with passion, purpose, presence and the satisfaction of a journey complete.

I believe we all have a hero within. A powerful being who knows deeply that you are worthy of love, that you are enough, and that you do have a greater purpose and meaning in life. I believe that hero exists within you. 


In fact, I know it does. I'm so sure of it that I'd like to prove it to you..


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My Approach

No matter what goals, obstacles, thoughts or feelings you bring in; I am a vault of safety, trust and empathy. The space we work within is 100% judgement free. Together we look at where you are, what you're facing, where you'd like to go, and then we figure out how to get you there.

We look at what you most desire in this stage of your life, we build goals that work toward those desires and create action steps needed to get you unstuck and moving. And when the time is right and the work is done, not if but when, the result is you overcoming that hurdle, reaching your desired goals and taking an empowering step forward in your life.

I like to adapt to the people I work with, because everything begins and ends with you; I'm intuitive, warm, uplifting and compassionate. I aim to create an empathetic, motivating, creative environment that helps my clients to think from new and invigorating perspectives.

What I strive to be is a guide, someone who simply helps you to plug yourself into the heroes mindset.

Ultimately, I want to help you to help yourself.

Mountain Peak

"They that seeketh findeth;
and to them that knocketh
it shall be opened"

James Allen

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